23 June 2013 - A Long Search.

Patrick has been looking for the Broom Moth (Melanchra pisi) at Shandy Hall for a few years now. He mentioned to me that he knew we should be getting them, but he's never actually found one - until now! This is the first and only one that we've had though. The longer you stare at it the more you realize the complexity of detail in its wings. Keramikos 'pertaining to pottery, of the color of earthenware' describes the color of the Broom Moth. The Broom Moth comes in a variety of color variations, though this one is my favorite. The white and black band that goes across the bottom of the wing seems to be one of its more distinctive markers. Pisum sativa is 'the garden pea,' a foodplant for the Broom Moth, although a highly unusual one at that. This is 265 on our species list.

Broom Moth (Melanchra pisi)

- Post by Jane Wu